Author Conversation at EcoTheo Review

“This is maybe the reality that post-apocalyptic fiction has been preparing us for for a very long time. The genre has been inviting us to consider all along: if all of this ended, what might come next?” EcoTheo Review, which is produced by EcoTheo Collective, recently featured my conversation with Lily Brooks-Dalton, author of Good Morning, Midnight. To read our discussion, please click here.

Author Interview at Fevers of the Mind

“My first [writing] influence, I’d say, was music. Many of my stories were sounds and visuals before they were written down.” I recently discussed my new, award-winning book From the Caves and writing in general at Fevers of the Mind Poetry blog. To read our Quick 9-Question conversation, please click here.

Interview with Peg Alford Pursell at New Orleans Review

My conversation with Peg Alford Pursell was recently featured at New Orleans Review. In A Girl Goes into the Forest (Dzanc Books, 2019), award-winning author Peg Alford Pursell illuminates the many faces of love and loss in 78 cross-genre stories and fables. Each hybrid flash immerses readers in the complex desires and sorrows of daughters, wives, mothers, as well as sons, husbands, siblings, and artists. To read the interview, please click here.